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Chris Hewitt

Self-published author

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Reviews & Media 

Lovely children's Christmas story with a modern day twist I really enjoyed. It takes you back to being a kid again. One to read to the children for their bed time story in the run up to Christmas Eve. From a 62 year old Grandma who thought she was a little girl again

Goodreads review for Saving Christmas

A great book for the family, full of giggles and silliness too. My girls are 6 and 8 and loved it.

We bought this book for our 8 year old son, he found it captivating and very very funny, great stocking filler at a great price, looking forward to more books from this author

Amazon reviews for Saving Christmas

A great children's book! ! I bought this for my 11 year old daughter who read this to me every morning on our journey to school so I thoroughly enjoyed it too! Really well written, funny and a great plot.

Amazon review for The Book of Doom

Bought all 3 books by this author for my grandsons and the eldest, who is 11, absolutely loved it. read Paws in three mornings

Amazon review for Paws

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Writing for over twenty years, I began spoof blogging about Manchester in 2015 as The Manchester Insider. In 2016 one blog went viral amassing 1.3 million reads, its own Twitter hashtag, and featured in national online and print media.

In the same year I self-published Saving Christmas for children aged 7-10 years. The first in the Curly Quadrilogy centred on ten-year-old Sophia Owen’s wild and funny adventures in the fictional town of Windmore based on Tameside, Lancashire. The Book of Doom followed in 2017, Paws in 2018; and soon Snot in Winter 2021

In summer 2020 I self-published Blue Light, a sci-fi time travel mystery for young adults. I decided to challenge myself as a writer and hopefully broaden my audience. 

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